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Residential sliding gate operators

weight Up to 600kg

LIVI is the range of residential sliding gate motors up to 600 Kg, available in 230V and 24V.

LIVI operators are provided with built-in control board with integrated 433 MHz receiver and limit switches. The operators equipped with control boards of DE@NET technology are completely safety and complies with European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 also in the 230V version, thanks to the presence of the encoder.Self-locking operator with limit switches

    230V versions with encoder for the position management and obstacles detection Controlled input for external safety devices


    pdf download
    pdf download
    4 year guarantee Heavy duty motor very reliable gates up to 600kg

DEA LIVI sliding gate kit, 230v kit for gates up to 600kg

kit comes complete with,

    1 x Livi 230v Motor
    2 x TR2 remote transmitters
    pair of MINILUX safety cells
    !1 x Control board


    1 x Antenna
    2 x override keys
    1 x Flahing light
    1 x foundation plate
    2 x limits

  • net6 livi 600kk motor kit

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